Madison, WI

As always, Great Frame Up was just fantastic. The staff are friendly, helpful and patiently took the time to work with me to select exactly the best frames for each piece. It's clear they take pride in their work, creative process and professionalism. Highly recommend

Gala S.

Madison, WI

I picked up my order today. Excellent work! Nice people! Great service! Highly recommend to everybody!

Richard L.

Chicago, IL

Excellent customer service. I've spent a lot of money on framing so it's nice to find a place that seems to genuinely appreciate my business.

Sara S.

Minneapolis, MN

This is the best place! With framing to fit every budget, this will always be my first choice. When I have something I want to put on my walls, this is definitely the way to go instead of a Target or other discount frame choice.

Karen P.

Madison, WI

I have had Stacy and Greg frame many pieces and have always been thrilled with the final results. They are so good at offering suggestions as to arrangement of items, mat color, and frame style -- always an improvement on my original ideas!

N. H.

Madison, WI

Fantastic customer service!!! The nicest people work here. They also did a fabulous job on my piece - I am very happy with how everything turned out. The Great Frame Up is now my go-to frame shop in Madison.